Technology’s Core Ingredients

We supply the advanced materials that make many everyday and emerging technologies possible. These products are critical inputs in numerous applications including: clean energy technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles and wind power turbines; consumer electronics, such as smart phones and tablets; fiber optics; hard disk drives; automobiles; numerous defense applications; advanced water treatment technology; and other technologies.

Preferred Supplier Status

Our global footprint, proven capabilities across the supply chain, and industry-leading research and development practices make Neo Performance Materials your preferred supplier of value-added rare earth materials, magnetic powders, and high-value niche metals.

Amended & Restated Preliminary Prospectus

On November 9, 2017, Neo Performance Materials Inc. filed an Amended and Restated Preliminary Prospectus with the securities regulatory authorities in each of the provinces and territories of Canada in respect of its initial public offering of common shares.  The Company’s Amended and Restated Preliminary Prospectus can be seen on SEDAR.  The Offering Term Sheet can also be seen on SEDAR.

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