Advanced Industrial Materials For Industries Worldwide

Neo Chemicals and Oxides manufactures and distributes a broad range of advanced industrial materials that are the building blocks of many modern technologies.

From our production facilities in Asia and the European Union, we manufacture a wide range of advanced materials for use in environmental catalysts for vehicle emissions control, petroleum refining and other chemical catalysts, hybrid and electric vehicles, water purification, and a number of other applications. 

We also manufacture advanced industrial materials that enable high efficiency lighting and displays, hybrid and electric vehicles, high-end optical lenses, consumer electronics, medical devices, and many others.

Chemicals & Oxides Products

Neo Chemicals and Oxides produces a wide range of advanced industrial materials for a variety of industries. These include advanced materials used in industrial catalysts, electronics, medical, lighting, water purification, and many others.  Many of our products can be custom engineered to the special needs of our customers.  Learn more.
Neo Chemicals and Oxides manufactures and distributes a broad range of light and heavy separated lanthanide element products, both individually or as compounds. Typically available as oxides or salts, Neo also can customize these materials according to customer requirements, including physical characteristics.  Learn more.

Neo’s water purification products help facilities improve dewatering, reduce sludge volumes, inhibit struvite build-up in pipes, and lower phosphorus levels to .07 milligrams per liter or less with no added capital equipment such as tertiary filters and without exceeding aluminum and/or chloride discharge limits. Learn more.

Neo Chemicals & Oxides Leadership

Jeffrey R. Hogan, Executive Vice President of Neo Chemicals & Oxides​

Jeff Hogan was appointed the Executive Vice President of Neo Chemicals and Oxides in September 2016 after having served as Executive Vice President of Resources for Molycorp, Inc. Previously, he was Vice President & General Manager of Chemicals & Oxides of Molycorp after its acquisition of Neo Material Technologies in June 2012. Prior to the acquisition, he was the Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Performance Materials Division of Neo Material Technologies Inc. He was also General Manager of the Company’s Thailand operation for a period of time. He joined the Company as a Marketing Manager in June 1999 and was responsible for U.S. sales of rare earth products and production at the Company’s Chinese joint ventures. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Hogan was Technical Director responsible for sales and technical efforts at a start-up manufacturing facility for inorganic metallic salts in Subic Bay, Philippines from 1997 to 1998. From 1995 to 1997, he was Assistant Plant Manager/Production Chemist at Palm International in Tennessee. From 1988 to 1991, he held successively senior positions at The Hall Chemical Company, culminating in Senior R&D/Production Chemist. Mr. Hogan graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Chemicals & Oxides Contacts

The Americas
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Light Lanthanide Products

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Heavy Lanthanide Products

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