We Make the Building Blocks of a More Sustainable World

Neo manufactures advanced industrial materials that serve as the building blocks of many modern technologies that deliver enhanced efficiency and sustainability. The Company’s products – magnetic powders and magnets, specialty chemicals, metals, and alloys – are critical to the performance of many everyday products as well as emerging technologies. Neo’s products help to deliver the technologies of tomorrow to consumers today.

Neo’s advanced industrial materials are also key to some of the world’s sought-after and environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, pollution control systems, high-efficiency appliances and pumps, energy-efficient lighting, water purification, and many more.

Sustainable technologies start with Neo Materials.

Advanced Industrial Materials

What We Believe

At Neo Performance Materials, we believe in these things:  (1) delivering high-quality advanced industrial products and exemplary service to customers globally; (2) advancing our customers’ product development and sustainability goals, and; (3) maintaining workplaces that are safe, efficient, and managed with sustainability in mind.

We work to achieve these goals by adhering to a set of core business principles throughout our Company.  To learn about our core business principles, see our Mission Statement here.