NEO Chemicals and Oxides

Neo Chemicals and Oxides


Neo Chemicals and Oxides manufactures and distributes a broad range of light and heavy rare earth engineered products that have become an indispensable part of modern life. The major rare earth elements produced and sold by Neo Chemicals and Oxides are cerium (“Ce”), lanthanum (“La”), praseodymium (“Pr”), neodymium (“Nd”), dysprosium (“Dy”), and yttrium (“Y”). We process semi-finished light rare earth concentrate (“LREC”) and heavy rare earth concentrate (“HREC”) into standard and highly-engineered rare earth oxides and salts.

From our production facilities in Zibo, Shandong Province, China, and Sillamäe, Estonia, we process LREC into Ce, La, Nd, and Pr oxides and salts, and produce value-added, engineered mixed oxide products for use in automotive emission-control catalysts, petroleum refining and other chemical catalysts, hybrid and electric vehicles, water purification, and a number of other applications. Our Sillamäe plant also manufactures tantalum and niobium, among other rare metals, for our Neo Rare Earths business unit.

Our Jiangyin production facility in Jiangsu Province, China, processes HREC into constituent elements for use in a multitude of industrial applications, including high efficiency lighting and displays, high-end optical lenses and consumer electronics.

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