NEO Magnequench

Neo Magnequench

Neo Magnequench, with over a quarter century of manufacturing experience, is the world leader in the production of magnetic powders used in the manufacture of bonded neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets. Our powders are used in automotive motors, micro motors, precision motors, sensors and other applications requiring high levels of magnetic strength, small size, improved performance, and reduced weight.

Our materials team designs new powders to cater to specific market needs by combining unequalled knowledge of both the rapid solidification process and alloy compositions. Modifications to the metallurgical process and the alloy systems are considered in tandem in order to deliver enhanced magnetic or mechanical attributes of the powder as defined by our customers and the markets they serve.

Our applications scientists and engineers are dedicated to working with magnet users to model the behavior of bonded NdFeB magnets at initial design stages. This cooperation with the magnet user enables it to perfect the application’s design for optimal cost performance by leveraging our industry-leading research and development facilities and our extensive commercial knowledge of the magnetic and rare earth industries.

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