Hafnium Products

As hafnium manufacturers, Neo Rare Metals produce high-quality hafnium metal and advanced materials.  To learn more about our specific products, our services and how we can customize them for your needs, please get in touch with our technical sales representatives listed further down the page.

Contacts For Hafnium Products


Phone: (372) 392-9105
Contact: Julia Ignatova
Email:  sales-rm-eur@neomaterials.com



Phone: (86) 10-5825-7081
Contact: Tian Xiong
Email:  sales-rm-cn@neomaterials.com


Phone:  (81) 3-6276-8883
Contact:  Yasuo Kano
Email: sales-rm-jp@neomaterials.com



Phone: (82) 31-682-0083
Contact: Tian Xiong
Email:  sales-rm-kr@neomaterials.com


North America and All Other Regions

Phone:  (01) 985-789-9556
Contact:  Brandon Taylor
Email:  sales-rm-na@neomaterials.com