Indium Products

Neo Rare Metals is a global leader in the recovery of indium metal from secondary material sources.  These secondary material sources include recyclable materials generated from the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, photovoltaic devices, and others.  Neo further refines the indium metal to supply our customers with products of 4N purity up to an ultra-high pure form of 6N5 or 99.99995% purity.  This is achieved through the application of refined and strict quality standards and through advanced analytic processes such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and GDMS.

We manufacture and distribute indium as a metal and as compounds.  Our typical products are listed below.  Neo can also customize these materials according to customer requirements.  To learn more about our specific products, our recycling services and how we can customize them for your needs, please get in touch with our technical sales representatives listed further down the page.

  • High Purity Indium Metal (4N – 6N5)
  • Indium Trichloride (InCl3)

Contacts For Indium Products


Phone:  (86) 10-5825-7081
Contact:  Tian Xiong



Phone: (81) 3-6276-8883
Contact: Yasuo Kano


Phone: (81)-31-682-0083
Contact:  Seong-Woo Bae


North America / Europe / All Other Regions

Phone: (01) 435-678-2734
Contact:  Todd Hall

Phone:  (01) 985-789-9556
Contact:  Brandon Taylor