Advanced Industrial Materials

Neo Chemicals and Oxides produces a wide range of advanced industrial materials for a variety of industries. These include advanced materials used in industrial catalysts, electronics, medical, lighting, water purification, and many others.  Many of our products can be custom engineered to the special needs of our customers. 

Some of our products include the following:

  • Cerium Zirconia Oxide materials
  • Ceria Aluminas
  • Alumina Silicates
  • High-Purity Cerium Compounds
  • Lanthanide Dispersions
  • Nano  Materials for Catalysis
  • Soluble Lanthanide Gels
To learn more about these products, and how Neo can customize them to meet your specific needs, please get in touch with the technical sales contacts listed below. 
Advanced Industrial Materials

Chemicals & Oxides Contacts

The Americas
Phone: (303) 843 8084 Contact: Julie Foreman Email:

Europe / India / Africa / Middle East / S.E Asia / Russia / Ukraine / CIS
Phone:  (48) 602 734 466 Contact: Mariusz Kiszka Email:

Phone: (81) 3-6276-8883
Contact: Yoshihiko Mazda


Light Lanthanide Products

Contact: Wang Jiang

Heavy Lanthanide Products

Contact: David Zhang


Phone: (82) 2 786 1570
Contact: J.P. Yang